Our Mission

The mission of the FRA is to serve the Cayman Islands by participating in the international effort to deter and counter money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

About the Financial Reporting Authority

The FRA is the Cayman Islands’ Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) responsible
for receiving, requesting, analysing and disseminating financial information disclosures concerning the proceeds of criminal conduct, money laundering and the financing of terrorism, or suspicions of any of those crimes, pursuant to the provisions of the Proceeds of Crime Act (2024 Revision) (POCA).

Our primary objective is to provide timely and high-quality financial intelligence to local law enforcement agencies, competent authorities, and overseas financial intelligence units in keeping with the statutory requirements of the POCA. Financial intelligence is the end product of analysing one or several related reports that the FRA is mandated to receive from financial services providers and other reporting entities. Our ability to link seemingly unrelated transactions allows us to make unique intelligence contributions to the investigation of money laundering and terrorist financing activities.