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This page provides news and announcements specifically regarding Fraud Alerts and Victim Resources

Fraud alerts and victim resources are essential, as they play a critical role in protecting individuals and businesses from the devastating consequences of fraud, identity theft, and other financial crimes.

Early detection and prevention is key, and Fraud Alerts allow individuals and businesses to take necessary precautions in preventing fraudulent transactions or preventing them from progressing any further. 

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Fraud alert

Increase in Phone Scams Targeting Older Adults

The FRA has noted a recent increase in phone scams targeting older adults, where scammers instruct victims to make international fund transfers in order to …

Fraud alert

Credit Card Fraud Targeting Local Merchants

The Financial Reporting Authority (FRA) has received an advisory from the Cayman Islands Bureau of Financial Investigation (CIBFI) of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service …

Fraud alert

Business Email Compromise

Business email compromise (BEC) is a type of cybercrime in which a malicious actor gains unauthorized access to a business email account or uses social …

Fraud alert

Pig Butchering Fraud

The pig butchering scam is a type of fraud in which criminals lure victims into digital relationships to build trust before convincing them to invest …